Enrolment Application 2021.docx (260 kB)Enrolment Application Form


Scoil Mhuire Buachaillí agus Cailíní, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal




Part A:                      

Personal Details

Child’s Details:

First Names:




Date of Birth:


Class you wish to enrol your child in:

Name & telephone of previous school or playschool (if applic.):


What class was your child in when s/he left that school?

Date and year you wish your child to start:    

Religious Denomination:


Place  and date of Baptism:

Siblings in the school:

Home Address:


Country of Origin








Mother’s Details:

First Name:


Maiden Name:


Mobile Number:

Home Telephone:


Work Number:


Father’s Details:

First Name:


Work Number:


Mobile Number:

Home Telephone:





Mobile Number to be used for Text-a-Parent _________________________________________________

Arrangements if child is sick in school:__________________________________________________________

List any special needs the child may have in relation to physical or mental health, e.g., allergies, epilepsy, asthma, sight, hearing, speech, fainting, toilet-training, inability with buttons, laces, etc. Use separate page if necessary:




Has your child been referred to any other agencies, at any time, before starting school e.g.  Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Child and Family Services, etc? 

Yes   o   No       o

If yes, please state name of the Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker etc.



The school should be made aware of any family circumstances including a court order that affects the child’s welfare and the names of any persons into whose custody the child should /should not be given.

Does any legal order under family law exist that the school should know about?                            Yes       No

Have you attached Birth Certificate?                                                                                                 Yes       No       

 Have you attached Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)?                                                                 Yes       No

(Please Circle)

Part B: Consent Form


We would like your permission for the following in relation to your child:


Please Tick



Activities Outside/After School



During the school year classes may undertake activities outside the school premises e.g. visiting the church, library.  I consent that my child may do so.



D.T. (Digital Technology)



I give consent for my child to use the computers in the school in line with our Acceptable Use Policy.



School Website/Publications



 I give consent for the use of school related photographic images which include my son/daughter on the school website, Facebook page or in other school publications or displays.  I understand that s/he will not be identified individually.



Dept of Education & Skills



I give written parental consent to share Ethnic or Cultural Background and Religion with the Department of Education and Skills.



Medical Emergencies



I give permission for my child to receive any medical attention deemed necessary and to be taken to the doctors and or hospital in case of serious illness or accident.



School Policies



I agree that my child and I will abide by Scoil Mhuire’s Code of Behaviour, which is available on the school’s website, and which I will receive at the open day in June.



I agree to familiarise myself with all school policies, agree to abide by them and agree to discuss them at an appropriate level with my child.






I give consent to allow my child to enter school competitions and for their name and date of birth to be shared with the organisers.



Stay Safe and Relationships and Sexuality Programme



I give consent to allow my child to take part in The Stay Safe and R.S.E. Programmes? If you answer, no you are obliged to inform your child’s class teacher at the beginning of each school year.



Withdrawal from class



I give consent to allow my child to be withdrawn from class for the purpose of assessments being conducted by the Special Education Teachers.



Contact with other professional bodies



I give consent for the school to contact other professional bodies e.g. psychologist etc.  and share information with them in relation to my child.



Part C: Department of Education – Primary Online Database (POD)


1. To which ethnic or cultural background group does your child belong (please tick one)?

White Irish                          ¨            Irish Traveller                     ¨                            Roma                    ¨

Any other White Background      ¨                            Black African                      ¨            Any other Black Background        ¨

Chinese                ¨            Any other Asian background ¨                                  Other (inc.      ¨             mixed background  ¨

2. What is your child’s religion?          _________________________

I consent for this information to be stored on the Primary Online Database (POD) and transferred to the Department of Education and Skills and any other primary school my child may transfer to during the course of their time in primary school.

Signed ______________________________ Parent/Guardian       

Date:   ______________________________

For further information on POD please go to the Department of Education and Skills’ website www.education.ie                                                          

I/we wish to enrol my/our child in Scoil Mhuire  Buachaillí agus Cailíní, Stranorlar.

I/we have received and read a copy of Code of Behavior Policy.



Parent/Guardian                                                              Date:



Parent/Guardian                                                              Date:



Date of Entry to this school _________________ Registration No._____________

Birth Certificated Received                 Yes       o                     No        o

Baptismal Certificate Received          Yes       o                     No        o

School Reports Provided                     Yes       o                     No        o