2nd Class Art

17/02/2016 12:39


In our group there was Tomas, Denis, Alissa and Emma. We made the blue whale. We used PVA glue, blue paint and paper eyes, paper plates and paper. We cut we stuck and we drew.

We cut the tail and the fin. We cut the paper eyes. We stuck them on the blue whale. The tale was wavy. The fin was like a comma, the head was a paper plate, the fin was from paper and the tail was from paper. The blue whale swims in water. The blue whale can hold its breath for 20mins. The blue whale has a heart the size of a car. The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.



In our group they were Pauric, Cian and Anna. And we were making Snowy Owls. We used paper plates, one small and one big, and cotton wool. Teacher cut the small plate in half to make two wings. We cut out feet eyes and a beck before that we stuck the cotton wool on the wings. At the start we found it hard but we got used to it after a while. The eyes looked very big and cute. And then we were done and teacher stuck them up on the wall that said Learning about the Antarctic. And it was lovely too.



In    my   group   there   was   Dan, Reece and Ferzaam. We are making pengins. We cut out the nose and feet and folded the card. The penguins can go under the water for 18minutes. Baby penguins go under the mammy penguins legs’.



When we made the igloos we used cotton wool a paper plate and pva glue to make the igloos people do not live in igloos because it is very cold if you did you would freeze to death. Igloos are made from snow and ice but inside it is really warm.In my group there was Ciara,Aoibhe,Megan and Cathal working on the igloos together. We were learning about Antarctic. Cathal was down in the north pole.We are cool artists.


On our team there was Liam, Andrew, Alex and Cormac Dolan. First we made the seals. We used brown paint, eyes and pipe cleaners. We used PVA glue to stick the plates. We cut the paper plates, we stuck a piece of black paper for the nose, we had a lot of fun when we made our seals. We used two halves of a paper plate for flippers. We stuck the small paper plate to the big paper plate. We used the big paper for the stomach and the little one for the head.



In my group there was Demi, Keelan, Cormac Kennedy and Shane. We made Orca Whales. We used paper plates and card, paper eyes, scissors, black and white paint. We used a paper plate and put black and white paint on the bottom. We drew a mouth and we painted it white. Then we waited for it to dry.


In my group there was Zoe, Amy, Jessica and Cori. We were making polar bears out of cotton wool. We cut out eyes, noses and ears using paper cups. It took a long time to stick cotton wool. We worked together as a team. Cotton wool got stuck to our fingers. It was fun to make a polar bear. Polar bears are a type of bear but live in Antarctica. We had a great time making polar bears. We waited for them to dry.



In my group there was Chelsea, Darragh and Sarah. We made the Arctic foxes. We used cotton wool, paper plates, and PVA Glue. We used the PVA Glue to stick the cotton wool onto a semi-circle plate. We waited until it dried. Then we drew the legs, tail and nose and cut it out. We stuck it onto the Arctic foxes. When we were done that, we stuck the eyes on.