3rd and 4th Class Science Fun

16/11/2013 20:55

Mr O'Donoghue, Science Teacher at St.Columba's College Stranorlar gave a fascinating science demonstration to all 3rd and 4th Class pupils.

"..I liked the way he went outside and we all had to look out the window. When the coke blew up it was like a volcano! (Never eat and drink coke and mentos)" by Ryan Galvin.

"..When I went to the hall and was watching all the cool science I thought I could do some of these experiments when I am older.." by Bethany Wilson.

"I learned that there are two types of waves. One of them is one that goes up and down while it goes sideways and the other just goes sideways and the other just goes sideways...It was so much fun.." By Ella McMullan

"I thought it was great. My favourite bit was when he mixed the coke and mentos. My second favourite bit was when he blew the coke tin up. It was the best science week" by Ryan Gillespie

"The coca-cola can burst in a big bowl of water..the gas pushed it in.. by Shaun Ryan

"..A man came in and we did a science experiment that was really cool! You need 1.kettle 2. a Plastic bowl 3.an empty can. He boiled the kettle put cold water into the plastic bowl. He poured the boiling water into the can. He dropped the can into the cold water then BOOM! The can all scribbled  up. It thought it was cool. I wanted to see how it worked" by Ashleigh O'Kane

Thank you to Mr O'Donoghue and his team of helpers from St.Columba's.