Babushka by Ciara Phelan

18/12/2012 12:43

These photographs were taken at the opening night of 'Babushka'. Children in 3rd, 4th and 6th Classes delighted the packed theatre with their amazing talent on the stage under the direction of Ms McGowan and Ms Long. There are only two more chances left to see this fantastic performance (Wednesday 11am and Thursday 8pm) so if you haven't got your tickets call into the school. Tickets...Adults €5 and children €3.

So what is Babushka all about...

The play, Babushka, isn’t your ordinary Nativity Play. It is performed by 6th Class, directed by Ms.McGowan and the singing is from our school choir, conducted by Miss.Long.

Babushka is so busy cleaning, that she doesn’t realise that there is something spectacular happening in the stable, which is not so far away from her B&B. She has an endless number of callers to her door looking to stay including American Tourists, a Girl Band, Pizza Delivery Men, a beggar woman and her baby and 3 Wise Men. 

Her busy schedule is interrupted by angels and spirits calling her to witness the bright star in the sky but will she ever see the Christmas Nativity?

By Junior Webmaster Ciara Phelan (aka Babushka)