New Religious Curriculum

17/02/2016 08:43

The ethos of a school is given expression in multiple ways and informs all aspects of life in the school. The teaching of a Religious Education programme is part of the ethos of the Catholic School. A new Religious Education Curriculum is currently being introduced throughout the country. It has received a broad welcome and will contribute to a new sense of the importance of religious and moral education in the lives of children who attend Catholic Schools. It is a requirement that a school allocates two and a half hours per week to the teaching of this programme.



The following paragraph is an extract from the recent statement of the Bishops' Council for Education

Religious education plays a key role in all faith schools.In Catholic schools religious education is based on a Christian vision of the human person with a clear respect for all people irrespective of faith. Inspired by Christian faith and love, Catholic schools strive to be caring and inclusive communities throughout the country, and parents have indicated a very high level of satisfaction with the service being provided by these schools.


A copy of the new Religious Education Curriculum is available for viewing in the school.