5th Class Science Fun

12/11/2013 21:04

by Junior Webmasters Aisling Davis and Abbie Meenan

Dr Garrett Farrell from LYIT amazed the pupils in both 5th Classes in his science lessons. They thoroughly enjoyed these lessons. Two pupils gave us their descriptions on what happened in the lessson.

" Dr. Garrett Farrell's Visit. For science week Dr Garrett Farrell came in and did Chromatography. We had

  • ink samples
  • special paper and oil

We put them in the special oil and left them for a bit then we learnt about Fire and lasers.

First he showed us some lasers he had a really powerful one. He sprayed lynx on it and we seen the laser transporing. Then he made fire turn green. He was really good."

" Dr. Garrett Farrell from LYIT came in to do science with some classes. We started with Chromatography. We figured out the mystery using droppers, ink samples and chromatography paper. We dotted the ink onto the paper and rolled it up to make a cyclinder and put it in a liquid mixture. He had a blow torch and he sprayed a liquid mix into the fire and the fire turned green! He did the same with a lynx bottle. He showed us cool things you can do with lasers. But he told us they are very dangerous. He also made a glow stick out of two different liquids. I enjoyed his visit."