Sportshall Teams

05/03/2017 22:34

Congratulations to all four teams that took part in the County Finals of Sportshall in the Aura in Letterkenny on Thursday the 2nd of March.


There were some outstanding performances from our pupils and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Most notably on the day was our team spirit with every child cheering on one another. Mrs.Dorrian, Ms. Mc Garrigle and Belinda all agreed that each and every child was a credit to our school.


Our 5th and 6th Class boys team were delighted to have been placed 3rd on the day. Both of our 3rd and 4th Class teams were placed in the 4th position and our 5th and 6th Class girls team came in 5th place.


Well done to everybody involved.

Photo Credit: Thanks to Mrs Dorrian, Mrs. O'Donnell and Special word of thanks to Danny Nee for allowing us to post his photos here also.