The Carnival parade

10/01/2013 09:24

The Carnival is a parade organised as part of The Gathering and is taking place in the Twin Towns on St Patricks Day. The children from Scoil Mhuire have the opportunity to take part. If you are interested in your child (children) taking part, please read the following:

  • The children will need costumes for the parade. Each class has been assigned a theme and you will know from this what costume your child needs. We would ask you to assemble as much of the costume as possible at home. We will be adding finishing touches to costumes but we need you to prepare the bulk of the costume yourself.


  • On the day of the parade, parents are fully responsible for their child/ children. Parents must be there to collect children at the end of the parade. We will provide you with times and pick up points when we receive more information from the organisational committee.  If Infant children are taking place, a parent must be present to walk the child through the parade from the start to the end.


Please read the following and complete. Return to class teacher before Wednesday  16th of January 2013.


I permit my child (name) ________________ to take part in The Carnival on Saint Patricks Day.


Signed _____________________________ (Parent/ Guardian)


Is your child allergic to face paints?   Yes                   No



The Carnival Classes and Themes

School Theme: The sensory Garden


Infants: Fairies, Leprechauns, Minibeasts (the children will dress as insects from the Garden) Tinsel hair, wings and antennae are available in the Pound Shop in Strabane


1st Class: Flowers/ Plants/ Trees


2nd Class: The Rainbow: The children will be assigned a colour in class. We need ribbons for this part!


3rd Class/ 4th Class: Umbrellas- The children will be

decorating umbrellas and using them to create a feature. If you have any broken or unwanted umbrellas please donate them to the school.


5th Class: Flower Pots: Children will be asked to dress in block colours. Children will be given ideas in class and shown how to make the flower pot hats!!


6th Class: Musical Instruments: The children will be making musical instruments in class and will be taking part in a Samba/ Chant, playing their instruments and having fun!


We need your help:

We need wire hangers, umbrellas (apparently we are having a great Summer!!!), different coloured plastic bags, balls of wool, bin bags- green, black, white, and material!!


Thank you for your help