5th and 6th Science Week fun!

16/11/2013 21:32

Alida Playle and Faith Moore gives us their synopsis of the Bin-it show!

Taylor and Doc presented this interactive show. They were very funny but they needed our help to sort out the litter problem. We takled about the litter problem cans, chewing gum, nappies and they wondered why some people leave their litter. Taylor and Doc set up an experiment they had one clean target, one dirty target and they asked pupils to select an area to stick their gum to. They spoke about the reasons for choosing that area and then asked the pupils to try again and all pupils put their gum in the bin! Chewing gum is really hard to get out of clothes. A person can be fined €150 fine for littering. Doc and Taylor askede "Why do we chew gum?" and they got fantastic answers such as it helps people relax, it makes your breath smell better, it's good for your teeth and people like blowing bubbles. The biggest bubble ever recorded waas 58cm. Doc and Taylor acted like teenagers and pupils thought they litter because they think it's cool. Doc and Taylor acted like eldery people and pupils said they litter because they are forgetful. Everyone from the very young to the very old have littered but their message to us all was littering is bad and we should just BIN IT!