6th Class Balor Theatre Visit

13/10/2017 20:09

Both 6th Classes were privileged to see the Abbey Theatre's performance of "Me, Sara" in the Balor Theatre on Monday 9th October. CLick on links for further information  www.abbeytheatre.ie/  www.balorartscentre.com/

Ms Duffner's 6th Class reviewed and sketched the play for us.

Aaron Dowd "the actor who played Sara was very good and the storyline was funny...My favourite part was when she ripped the oranges in half and when Christy hit the sharp stick off his Father's head.."

Darragh Lyttle "I thought it was very impressive. I liked how she gave all the characters a different action. Near the end it was very intense as we didn't know what was going to happen between Christy and his Dad"

Áine Duffy " The story made me realise how life was like years ago. It showed how negative their lives were back then, it was tragic! It was very impressive how Sara would keep switching characters"

Molly Browne " She (Sara) was a very good actress and it must have taken her ages to learn her lines. My favourite part was when she switched between characters".

Louis Duffy " I thought it was really cool that she also included and interacted with the audience."

Luka Brown "I thought Sara's story was tragic and unfair. The reason I think this is because women didn't have a choice. My emotions during the play were high and low. The story told us that life goes on"

Daniel Mulrine "Sarah's life was not that easy going; her Dad was bad to her and she wanted to leave her home but she had no money to move away from her parents. She wanted to marry Christy but the thing was every woman wanted to marry him."

Alicia Hamilton "I think that Sara's story is sad, interesting and entertaining because in the story her Dad never really cared for Sara or believed anything she said".

Dominykas Michniovas "I think it was very funny and interesting...I was impressed when she changed voices and acted with different gestures...it made it very interesting to watch"

 Ryan Quinn "I think the story was very interesting and very entertaining  how she was acting out everyone and putting on different expressions"

Patrick Gallen "I thought the story was not really fair for women and in some countries it is still not fair"

Theresa McMenamin " I thought it was a very thought-provoking show. It was tragic with a lot of fighting between father and daughter and father and son."

 By Jimmy CrerandBy Joseph Boyle

By Julia Tytko

By Lauren O'Donnell

By Shanaghan Anderson

By Shíona Mc Menamin


Thanks to Mrs McNulty for taking photos of the event.