All Scotland Championship

03/03/2013 23:24

On Friday 22nd February two girls from our school Caoimhe Chambers, 5th Class and Chloe Fri 6th class took part in the All Scotland Championship in Glasgow.

Both Caoimhe, age 11 and Chloe, age 12 began dancing with the Smith McCaroon School of Dancing when they were 2years old. As a result of lots of training they perofrmed very well in Glasgow.

Caoimhe was judged on her heavy jig and slip jig and she came 3rd overall from approx. 130 girls. Well Done Caoimhe. 

Chloe was judges on the hornpipe and a reel and she came 5th overall. Well done Chloe.

Congratulations to both girls on their wonerdful achievements.