Cyberbulling and Internet Safety- What parents need to know

21/01/2013 22:02

In the Regional Culture Centre, Letterkenny. Monday January 28th. 7.00-9.00pm.

The session will be presented by Adrienne Katz, Bullying Intervention Group, UK

Adrienne katz has worked extenively with schools and young people in the UK. Whith more than 10 years as Advisor to the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Adrienne is a passionate advocate for the needs to address bullying in a whole school way that also engages parents, services and the community. Recently she formed the Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) a not-for-profit social enterprise with two colleagues. They run the national award scheme that rewards excellence in anti-bullying practice in the UK.

The session will take a new look at how parents can handle cyberbullying and help young people to be safe online. Katz also argues that too few young people actually follow the advice we currently give them and makes the point that smart phones have radically changed the e-safety landscape.

Numbers Limited.

To book a place please call-

Louise Callaghan, Health Promotion. Tel 074 9104693


This session has been organised by Health Promotion, HSE West.