Engineer's Week

09/03/2017 23:10

To celebrate Engineer's Week a few of our lucky 5th Class pupils went to the LyIT to an Engineering "Magic" Show "It's all done with Mirrors" by the talented Dr.Ken. Followed up by two workshops given by Engineer's Bryan Cannon and John Gavigan. Our sincere thanks to the Lyit and to Bryan and John for making Enginnering come alive for the pupils in 5th Class.


Engineers Week

On Tuesday (7/03/17) morning our class got a nice surprise as we walked into our classroom Bryan Cannon and John Gavigan were there to talk about engineering as it was Engineers week.


Bryan is a civil engineer and John is a fire safety engineer.


First they told us a bit about themselves, then they explained what engineers do.


After that Bryan showed us some pictures of buildings he helped construct all over Europe.


Afterwards he showed us some images of bridges, we had to try and find out where they were and what they were called.


Now that we knew what engineers were we got to move on to the experiments.





Our two favourite experiments were;

1.       Bryan had a wooden structure with four egg sized holes in each corner; he put the egg s in and put the top on. He had five bags of sugar each weighing 1kg,a box of Persil weighing 5kg and a bag of potatoes weighing 10kg that was a total of 20kg,we waited for 15 seconds and we heard a cracking sound and we saw that one of the was slightly cracked. We were amazed to see how strong the eggs were.


 2. Our other favourite was;

 For it each group had a small bag with a mini propeller, a light bulb, some wires, some insulators and conductors. We had to get the light bulb and the propeller working, we managed to get them working. Then we tried out the other items a plastic spoon, a metal spoon, a piece of string, glass, tinfoil, the only conductors were the metals spoon and the tinfoil. All the other items were insulators.



By Cathal Cannon and Patrick Carr Ms. Longs 5th class.