Raising of the 7th Green Flag

19/05/2017 22:54

We raised our 7th Green Flag on Friday 19th May. Ms Gallinagh welcomed parents, children, greenteam and staff. She spoke of the continuous environmental work in our school:

  • 1st Classes (Mrs Sweeney and Ms McIntyre's Classes) plant potatoes, parsley, lettuce and onions and harvest in June or October.
  • Mrs McNulty's 5th Class were invited by Michael Rowan to the Twin Towns Community Gardens and they planted one raised bed outside and one raised bed inside.
  • Sesnsory Garden is used to walk and relax in.
  • Each class have two members on the GreenTeam and they are responsible for taking the fruit peelings to the compost bin daily.


1st Green Flag-awarded in 2004 for composting, litter and waste

2nd Flag awarded in 2006 for Energy Saving

3rd Flag awarded in 2008 for Water Conservation

4th Flag awarded in 2011 for Travel

5th Flag awarded in 2013 for Biodiversity

6th Flag awarded in 2015 for Global CItizenship-Litter and waste

and this 7th Green Flag has been awarded to us for Global CItizenship-Energy.


The new flag was raised on a sunny day with just enough wind to make our flag fly. Ms Houston and Ms McConnell, both players on the Donegal Ladies raised our flag to a delighted audience.


Louis Wallace Duffy was awarded Cyclist of the year as he has cycled to school for the majority of the year in all sorts of weather.


Ms Gallinagh concluded by thanking the Green Team for all of their hard work thoughout the year, MIchael Rowan from Twin Towns Community Garden, Brian Duffy for setting up sound equipment and to Johnny Thompson, our caretaker, for all his assistance throughout the year.


To finish proceedings the audience were treated to a song "An Brat Glas" by Ms Burke's 4th Class.