Hallowe'en Fire Safety

25/10/2012 12:40

by Junior Webmasters Ciara Phelan and Jessica Hannigan.


Aidan Thompson gave very informative talks to 5th and 6th Classes on the dangers of Fireworks and bonfires. He showed the classes three videos highlighting the dangers associated with fireworks and bonfires. He gave advice on contacting emergency services and storing your parents number under ICE (In Case of Emergency) on your phone. He also warned of the dangers of Trick or Treating, for example  he advised children not to go into strangers houses and not to take homemade food. Aidan also spoke about how animals are affected at Hallowe'en, he advised children to keep their animals indoors, feed them and keep them in a quiet calm environment. Thank you to Aidan for warning us about the dangers of Hallowe'en.