Hallowe'en Safety

22/10/2013 21:07

by Emily O'Reilly and Jessica Quigley.

"Aidan started out his talk by challenging us, he wanted us to find the magic word during the course of his presentation and if we did we would be rewarded with one piece less homework. As Aidan has been in our school for the last number of years he wanted us to tell him about fire safety. We gave the following answers

  • Fireworks are illegal in the Republic of Ireland
  • Never hold a firework in your hand
  • Never try to make your own
  • Never light your own-always leave it to the adults
  • Do not throw them at people, animals, windows etc.
  • Don't get too close to a bonfire
  • Do not put petrol on a bonfire
  • Always make sure adults are supervising
  • Don't play close to a fire, be careful with costumes
  • Adults should always ensure the fire is extinguished before leaving it unattented
  • Be careful with fumes of bonfires, especially tyre smoke
  • Always have your ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone contact and number stored in your phone
  • Be aware that animals get very frightened at this time of year so keep them inside.
  • If you are going out to trick or treat do not enter strangers houses
  • Do not appraoch strangers

We managed to get the magic word "petrol" and we enjoyed our reward and revised all we know about fire safety with thanks to Aidan."

With thanks to Aidan Thompson, paramedic, who once again gave a very informative talks to 5th and 6th Classes on the dangers of Fireworks and bonfires.