McElhinney's Visit

26/01/2017 22:21

By Cam Thuy 6th Class.

"In November we had to write to people we admire, some people wrote to big brands and celebrities, but I wrote locally to John McElhinney, owner of McElhinneys Department Store. Yvonne Megahey, People & Development Manager wrote a lovely letter back to me on the 27th of December.

She invited me, Ms.Gallen and our class to McElhinneys for a treasure hunt and some juice and fruit. They gave us a tour all around McElhinneys while doing the treasure hunt. Oisìn Alexander and Caoimhe Burke won the treasure hunt and got a pencil case from McElhinneys. I got to meet Mr John McElhinney and he and his staff gave me a gift.

They gave me a black beanie hat and a pencil case. Ms. Gallen and Kathleen supervised us and they got a gift too. My favorite part of the whole tour was the staff, they were very nice to us. They told us all about McElhinneys and the different departments. Ms. Gallen and Kathleen came back with McElhinney's bags and boxes!!!"


Thanks to John McElhinney and his staff, especially Yvonne Megahey, for their very kind and generous hospitality. To find out more about McElhinney's history click this link


Thank you to Ms Gallen for the photos.