New Football nets-Survey update

28/10/2013 21:48

Thanks to our Parents Association and donations of €250 each from Cllr. Martin Harley and Cllr Patrick McGowan the school has been able to provide the pupils with new football nets.  Let's hope that these nets help us to build on the sporting successes we have had over recent years.

All the children in 5th and 6th classes were asked to complete a short survey in relation to their thoughts on the new nets .Out of all of pupils in 5th and 6th classes 96 % of them stated that they liked the nets and below are some of the comments from pupils

"I think they are great"

"They are better than using our jumpers for nets so I think they are class"

" I think the nets are good because when they weren't there our class and the other class kept on arguing over whether it was a goal or not"

"I'd like bigger nets".

"The nets make football much more enjoyable. Thank you."

"..people don't lose their jumpers anymore"

"It's much clearer now when it is a goal or not"

"..we have always asked for proper nets and now we have them. Now we can play fairly with no arguments about goals"

"they are a really good size"

"I think the nets are very good and it was a good idea to put them there"


"I think that the nets are fun and give a professional football game feeling. It's also a good way to keep active during break"

"They are very nice. We are sharing them equally. We have teams and the teams are very fair"

"I think they are awesome. Some girls who never play football are now playing" 


Thank you to all the children and teachers in 5th and 6th Class for taking the few minutes to fill out the surveys.

Ms Moy's 6th Class are pictured below enjoying using the nets.