Pat's Poem

23/01/2015 21:40

Our very talented Pat Hennigan has written a lovely poem for us all to enjoy.


Jack and Jill went up the hill to sing a song of sixpence

When Dr.Foster came along to give them some assistance

So Polly put the kettle on to make a pot of tea

While Mary and her little lamb just jumped around with glee.

Then Hey Diddle Diddle who was playing the fiddle, he got them all a dancing

And Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep thought I'll join in the prancing

Jack Sprat, his wife and three blind mice all heard the big commotion

They had a look and as sure as soot they were doing the locomotion.

Now Hickory Dickory thought enough's enough and made the clock strike loudly

Don't look so glum, you've had your fun, your getting rather rowdy.

Then Mary Mary still quite contrary agreed with what Hickory said

Go on home you've had good fun and get yourselves to bed.