Pat's Poem

16/09/2015 21:56

This is Pat's second poem. If you missed the first, click on this link



Days Gone By

Sitting by the kitchen fire

Memories coming from afar

Of bygone days when life was fun

Remembering summers filled with sun

Running 'round from dawn 'till dusk

Seldom, if ever was there a fuss.

Playing house and making mud pies

For visitors we thought might just drop by

Or paddling in the water at the old backstrand

Playing games, gathering shells and making castles in the sand.

Thoes days were free from stress and worry

No one seemed in any hurry.

Modern times not like before

When old folks leaned on the ould half door

Time for a chat when passing by

Of saving the hay and getting turf dry

When the long days work was over and no more to be done

Neighbours rambled in each others houses for the craic and a bit of fun

Thoes were the days most will agree

When time and patience were flowing free

Better or worse I cannot decide

But I know one thing for sure

You can never turn back time nor tide.


By Pat Hennigan