Science Week

16/11/2017 22:28

On Thursday the 16th of November, the Cell Explorers visited the 5th classes in our school.

We learned all about Fantastic DNA during their visit.

If you take all of the DNA from just one cell, it would stretch to 1.8 metres.

The make- up of DNA looks like a spiral staircase.

Before starting the experiment, we all got to put on lab coats. We looked like real scientists.

We extracted DNA from a banana using a series of steps. We mixed saline solution with the banana. We added ethanol to separate the cells. We then finished out the DNA with a loop. We put the DNA into a test-tube and then put it into a small sealed plastic bag. There were instructions to explain how to safely dispose of the mixture in the bag.

We also got to build a model of DNA.

Each group had a demonstrator to assist them with their experiments. They were Wesley, Robert, Dearbhla, Chris, Mary and Joanne. They were very helpful and kind.

We all really enjoyed the experiments. We completed a short quiz at the end of the class. We all received a certificate to mark our participation in the class.

Thanks so much to the Cell Explorers for visiting our school. We hope to see them again back in St. Mary’s.