St.Brigid's Cross Making in 4th Class

03/02/2017 22:15

As we all know the feast day of St. Brigid is celebrated on the first of February. St Brigid is one of the patron saints of Ireland. She is known as “Muire na nGael”.  Legend has it that St. Brigid visited a pagan man who was dying. She picked up rushes from the ground and made them into a cross to help explain to him about God. Before he died he believed in Jesus. He died a Christian.  

          On January 31st, in preparation for her feast day, we made St. Brigid’s crosses in class. A special visitor came in to teach us how to make the crosses. It was Aisling and Hannah Rose’s granny, Mrs Flanagan. Mrs Flanagan is also Kathleen’s mum. Teacher divided us into groups and gave us a pile of rushes each.

At first most of us didn’t know how to make them so Mrs Flanagan, Kathleen, Mrs McMenamin and teacher demonstrated and helped us make the crosses


Soon everybody got the hang of it and we made loads of our own crosses. People made both square crosses and triangular crosses, and Aisling made a huge cross.

Mrs Flanagan told us that the cross will protect our home from fire. She kindly gave us the night off homework. It was a great experience.

That night some people left their crosses outside and St. Brigid blessed them. The following day we attended 10 o’clock Mass. Fr John Joe blessed our crosses with holy water. At the end of Mass the infant classes sang a hymn to St. Brigid. St. Brigid’s Day was also Grandparents Day and many of us gave St. Brigid crosses to our grandparents.
By Darci Quinn, Mia O’Brien, Caitlin Matthewson and Hannah Austen