Pupil raising money for Children's Cancer Ward

12/11/2012 23:04

by Junior Webmaster Christopher.

Emily Duffy in Ms Doherty's 3rd class is raising money for the Children's Cancer Ward, in Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin. Emily is having a 12 inch ponytail cut from her hair and it is being donated to the Rapunzel Foundation. Her hair will be sent away to be used to make a wig for a child who has lost their hair because of cancer or alopecia. Emily has set up a sponsorship page on the Hospital's website so people can donate for this cause by clicking on the link https://www.cmrf.org/sponsorshipPage/show/1227 . The hospital is trying to raise 4 million euro to improve the facilities https://www.cmrf.org/story/show/55. The Rapunzel Foundation's website https://www.rapunzelfoundation.com/

My name is Emily, I am 9 years old and I have really long hair, I love my long hair, but I am going to get it cut by at least 12 inches and send my hair to the Rapunzel Foundation, so it can be used to make a wig for another child who has lost all their hair.  Last year my Auntie Nicola got breast cancer and on Christmas Day her hair started to fall out after a few days she had none left and she wore a wig, her head used to get very cold when she had no hair, now she is better and has new hair.  I would to like ask people to sponsor me for having my hair cut and I will give all the money I raise to the Childrens Cancer Ward, at Our Ladys Childrens Hospital,Crumlin, I didn't know until my Mammy told me about the Rapunzel Foundation that little chidren could get cancer too, and that made me very sad and made me want to do something to help them, so please donate what you can, thank you so much, Emily xxx