Wainfest 2017

19/10/2017 11:14

Mrs. Boyce's 4th Class attended Wainfest 2017 in the library at the Base. 

The Loughs Agency presented 'Marine Dimensions'  The facilitators Alan and Michael gave the children lots of interesting information on marine life in our seas and rivers. The pupils asked lots of questions and took part in fun blindfold tasks and holding crabs and lobsters. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much about marine life.Ciaran filmed the event.


Thanks to Mrs Boyce for these photos and to Molly Lafferty McConnell, 4th class for her thoughts on the event.



"We went to the Base (the library) for Wainfest 2017. We were filmed. The men who were there were called Michael, Alan and Ciaran. They were from the Loughs Agency. We saw blow-up dolphins, whales, killer whales (Orca) amd seals. Another name for a whale is a porpoise. We saw lobsters, one was called Sally. We saw crabs. One really small crab had really strong pincers. Michael said a crab can (only a really big one!) rip off your finger!! He told us a story about a boy and his Dad were walking on the beach and they saw a big crab. they thought it had died so the Dad dared the little boy to pick it up. He did and his finger fell off! The crab pinched it so hard it took it off " 

By Molly Lafferty McConnell 4th Class.