Winter Arrangements

09/11/2017 22:04

All families please note carefully the arrangements we have in place in the event of it being necessary to close the school due to severe weather. 


The school was closed during the recent storm but that decision to close was taken by the Minister for Education & Skills. The school will only be closed if we deem that the conditions at the school, or the conditions in the general area, are so severe as to compromise the health and safety of pupils, parents and the school staff. It is however, our intention to make every effort to keep the school open. Contracts are in place for the salting/sanding and clearing of the main car parks.


  1. Any decision to close the school will be made between 7:30/7:45a.m..
  2. A text message will be issued to all families and to the bus companies between 7:45/8a.m.. Are you on the texting service? Please note the instructions below* or check with Pearl at the office.
  3. An announcement will be made on Highland Radio on a rolling basis from 7:50a.m..
  4. All families will be kept informed by text message, and through updates on Highland Radio, during any closure.
  5. We would ask families not to telephone the school as it merely blocks the telephone lines and restricts our ability to make essential calls.


In the event of it being necessary to close the school in exceptional/unforeseen circumstances during the year (e.g.bad weather) the following contingency measure may be considered by the Board Of Management: 

The Easter Break may be reduced by up to three days (26th, 27th, 28th March 2018)


*In order to ensure that you receive text messages from the school please text 'DOOR' to 51444.


REMEMBER…..(1) Wait for the text message !

                           (2) Listen to Highland Radio !

                           (3) Do not telephone the school as it blocks up the school lines !